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*Shweta S. Nayak and Kishor Kumar B.V.


Rasashastra word itself suggests Mercurial Science or ParadaVijnana. Different procedures like Bhasma, Kupipakwa Rasayana, Parpati, Pottali prepared for converting metals and minerals into Atyanta Sukshmabhaga in turns resulting into bioavailable form (easy absorption of the drug in GIT). Among these, KupipakvaRasayana is having Rasayana effect more as its name itself suggests. Suryashekara Rasa is one of the unique Herbo-Mineral RasaYoga prepared by KupipakvaRasayana method. SuryashekaraRasa, it gives the meaning of the colour of the end product of the preparation. i.e. End product resembles the colour of the sunshine or sunrays, at sunset. Kajjali of SSR is subjected to Kramagnipaka in Valukayantra 6yama.The traditional methods requires more time, manpower, fuel and efforts which make it more laborious. By applying the parameter for temperature pattern, Duration and Methodology as that of above mentioned classical Kupipaka the same procedure is also carried out in Electrical Vertical Muffle Furnace. Hence, “Comparative Pharmaceutico-Analytical studies of SuryashekaraRasa Prepared by using ValukaYantra and Electrical Vertical Muffle Furnace” Evaluated in the present study. Materials & Methods: Hingula, Gandhaka and Vatsanabha collected as per Grahyalakshana and subjected to Shodhana. Extraction of Parada from Hingula by UrdhwaPatanayantra. Kajjali was prepared by Hingula, Parada, Gandhaka, Vatsanabha in ratio of 1:3:4:8 and subjected to KupiPaka in ValukaYantra for 6yama. Same Temperature pattern and duration of SuryashekaraRasa (Classical) were applied for the comparative study in Vertical Muffle Furnace. Analytical study: SuryaShekaraRasa(Classical) & SuryaShekaraRasa(VMF) was carried out with classical and modern parameters & SuryaShekaraRasa(VMF) Results: Yield of SuryaShekaraRasa(Classical)-38.5% and Yield of SuryaShekaraRasa(VMF) -39.5%. It was also characterized by using modern instrumental analysis like XRD, EDX SEM, FTIR and particle analysis. Conclusion: SuryaShekaraRasa is a unique procedure of KupiPakwa preparation which is a Saagni, Sagandhamurchana of Hingula, Parada, Gandhaka and Vatsanabha in the ratio of 1:3:4:8 through Kramagnipaka for 3 Yama’s. In the present entitled study, SuryaShekaraRasa (VMF) Pharmaceutically very convenient to prepare and shows good Analytical results compare to SuryaShekaraRasa (Classical).

Keywords: SuryashekaraRasa, Shodhana, ValukaYantra, Vertical Muffle furnace, XRD, EDX, FT-IR.

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