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*Dr. Gunjan Sharma, Dr. Kalpana Khanduri, Dr. Renu Rao, Dr. Priyanka Rani, Dr. Ram Agochar Bhatt


Jivaniya Ghrita is an Ayurvedic formulation describe in Ayurvedic classics in the management of Shuskakshipaka. The main ingredients of Jivaniya ghrita are Jivaniya aushadhi, Moorchita ghrita and dugdha which is prepared by classical method of Sneha kalpana. Jivaniya aushadhi include Vidarikanda (Substitute of Jeevaka, Rishbhaka), Shatavari (substitute of Meda, Mahameda), Ashwagandha (substitute of Kakoli, Ksheerkakoli), Mudgaparni, Mashaparni, Jeevanti, Mulethi. Aim: To prepare and do the Physico-chemical evaluation of finished product. To evaluate the quality of life. Materials and Methods: Jivaniya ghrita is a unique formulation which is prepared by classical method of Ghritapaka. It contains predominantly chakshushya and rasayana properties and pacifies Vata-Pitta doshas. Results: Standardization of Jivaniya ghrita remarkable results regarding Refractive Index, Saponification Value, Iodine Value, Peroxide Value, etc were observed. Conclusion: The prepared Jivaniya Ghrita matches the physicochemical parameters and can impart good therapeutic property.

Keywords: Jivaniya Ghrita, Jivaniya Aushadhi, Standardization, Pharmacodynamic, Physiochemical profile.

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